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The Opportunity…

This is a truly exciting role that is at the forefront of innovation in Australia and sits at the intersection of open innovation, co-creation and commercial collaboration between startups, scaleups and large firms.

The role of (Senior) Program Manager is central to S&C’s ability to establish itself as a true strategic innovation partner for its corporate and government partners and as another vehicle to help startups commercially launch and scale and for scaleups to access another great potential customer.

The Program Manager will report to the Head of Innovation Programs and work closely with the Head of Corporate Partner Experience to provide a structured and systematic approach to designing and delivering specific innovation programs with Government, Corporates and Startups.

The Program Manager will have responsibility for managing a specific program(s), which may vary in format and duration and include:

• Innovation Challenges
• Accelerator programs
• Incubating corporate teams
• Executive immersion sessions

The key objectives of each program or initiative may vary, however, the corporates are generally looking for a range of outcomes spanning across areas such as:

• Cultural transformation
• Learning & development
• Solving business critical challenges
• Structural cost take-out
• Exploration of new revenue opportunities

Generally, start-ups are looking for flagship customers to help commercialise their propositions and/or the opportunity to rapidly scale.

By working with quality ventures, corporates/government can innovate faster, cheaper and better than they currently are and start-ups can rapidly accelerate the time to commercialisation and scaling.

Hence, in this delivery role as Program Manager for Stone & Chalk you will be acting as a vital ‘innovation bridge’ which hugely benefits both entities.


Your Background…

You are a senior leader, with excellent communication skills.

Ideally you have a background in financial services with experience gained in key areas such as new product development, business development, digital, technology or innovation. You possess a keen appreciation of how the forces of disruption coming from startups and digital technologies are changing financial services and adjacent industries globally.

You will bring a proven skillset spanning project management and delivery, business development, marketing, networking, and leading teams to execute and deliver on lean/agile solutions with quantifiable business benefit.

You ideally have an intimate understanding of the pitfalls of trying to innovate within a large organisation and can help advise, guide and ensure corporates are
sufficiently prepared to undertake these programs successfully, particularly when it comes to engaging with startups.

You love working with startups and are passionate about finding success for all parties.

You are motivated by work satisfaction, enjoying who you work with, team culture and your sense of achievement.

You are detail-oriented, and see things through to completion.

If you are looking for maximising your pay packet then Stone & Chalk is not for you, but if purpose trumps paycheck, and you like to trailblaze, as Sheryl Sandberg told Harvard Business School:

“Get on a rocket ship. When companies are growing quickly and having a lot of
impact, careers take care of themselves. And when companies aren’t growing
quickly or their missions don’t matter as much, that’s when stagnation and politics come in. If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.”


General Objectives & Key Results

1. Ensure programs are established, operated and documented in a manner that allows for a repeatable, scalable program framework to be implemented across the Stone & Chalk Innovation Programs

2. Drive the program approach, governance, metrics and roadmap
• Lead the day-to-day management of the customer relationship
• Lead the problem statement identification phase
• Lead the start-up application process, liaising with startups as required
• Participate in the boot-camp team selection startups
• Participate in the final team selection

3. Provide direction on marketing, communications and collateral including:
• Website and landing page
• PR and social media marketing
• Design of program collateral

4. Provide direction on property requirements to accommodate the project team
and start-ups, as required. Property including:
• Property location
• Desks
• Meeting rooms
• WiFi, tools and resources, etc

5. Boot camp, pitch and demo day project management including:
• Facilitation
• Team liaison
• Team logistics
• Catering
• Start-up and customer engagement

6. Work closely with the Community Engagement Manager to help integrate the program participants into the Stone & Chalk Community

7. Conduct post-program review sessions with all participants and incorporate learnings into future programs

8. Create and build collateral and processes to productionise new line of business offerings as they arise



Please detail (1) role title & (2) your name in the subject of all email applications.
We accept video, resume, cover letters, portfolios, etc. – however you best shine and put your application forward for consideration.

This role is open to candidates looking for flexible working hours, please detail in your application where you are placed on the spectrum of Full Time to Part Time.


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