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Peer-to-peer mobile payments based on gold bullion

Senior Developer .NET, WebAPI integration (server & client)

SendGold – Product & Company

Digital gold money – SendGold is a peer-to-peer digital money platform that is based on one of the world’s best-known and most reliable stores of wealth. You can save, invest, gift, find (with our Gold Rush game), earn (rewards), pay with and spend gold anytime, anywhere, all cross-border, using just your phone.
SendGold is an established Sydney-based innovative financial technology group. SendGold money maintains powerful crypto benefits of instant peer-to-peer cross-border exchange, transparency and low cost, and goes a step further to solve the crypto issues of volatility, complexity and compliance. From mid 2017 we have been able to accept a customer (from a compliance standpoint) from any non-sanctioned country.

The SendGold team has deep domain expertise in payments, foreign exchange, financial risk management, cryptography, blockchain businesses, blockchain technologies (since 2013), prudential regulation, digital marketing. Its members include one of the founders of the world’s third-largest forex dealing platform and a recognised global expert in financial services cybersecurity.

The Applicant
In order to facilitate the growth of the company SendGold is adding to its high performing technology team. SendGold is seeking a self-driven, high-performing, creative, senior server-side developer. Candidates must possess the following skills and experience:

• Over 5 years’ experience as senior server-side developer
• Current .NET
• Current MS SQL
• Current integration of webAPI services (JSON/RPC ideally or REST)
• Provision of web APIs
• Test Driven Development
• GitHub source control or Similar
• Appetite to invest and help grow an early stage business into a global leader in its sector.

• PostgreSQL
• FinTech Background
• Experience of Custodial or Banking systems
• Optimizely X
• Continuous Delivery
• Continuous Deployment
• Cloud Infrastructure (AWS)
• IIS (Internet Information Services)
• Agile Development

Of Interest
• Experience with mobile clients
• Interest in cryptocurrencies, blockchain

Other duties
• Able to work from home
• Operational support
• Operation of the business
• Out of hours work

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