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Blockchain booms as job ads triple

by Australian FinTech Jobs in How to Find a Job, Job Market 20/06/2018

‘Smart boss seeks blockchain expert’.

Digital skills have never been more in-demand, with the best developers commanding enviable six-figure salaries. Now though, according to data from LinkedIn, one sector in particular has come into bloom: blockchain.
The number of postings seeking out blockchain experts has tripled in the past year, with last week seeing more than 1,000 blockchain-related job adverts go out.That’s a rise of more than 40% each quarter.

Another block in the chain?

As we’ve previously explained (with cake), blockchain is a method of sending, tracking and recording digital tokens that’s entirely transparent.

Probably the most famous use case for blockchain is the transfer of Bitcoin – the digital currency which has recently soared in value.

It’s hardly surprising then, that a quarter of the 10,000 people to list blockchain as a skill on LinkedIn already work in the financial services sector.

“We’ve seen the number of blockchain related jobs posted on LinkedIn more than triple over the last year, it’s a niche field, but one with strong potential,” Josh Graff, LinkedIn’s UK country manager told The Memo.

“Professionals in related areas such as cryptography and machine learning may want to look at the roles available and the skills they need to develop, as there is certainly a growing demand within the technology, finance and insurance industries for blockchain expertise.”

But as thousands of blockchain-based businesses are being built, ‘financial blockchain’ is far from the be all and end all.

Beyond Bitcoin

Most people to list blockchain as a skill on LinkedIn are based in the US, followed by the UK, France, India, Germany and the Netherlands. And they’re using blockchain to streamline all sorts of sectors.

IBM – for example – has been working with Walmart to improve food logistics: using blockchain to track tainted food, means fewer people end up with sore stomachs.

Earlier this year, Donorcoin creator Rudi Kruger told The Memo how he hopes blockchain will revolutionise charity – cracking down on corruption to ensure funds reach those who need it most.

While David Martin, the co-founder of Power Ledger, is bringing blockchain into the green energy sector, making it easier for everyone to benefit from solar power.

“Is there a talent bubble? Yes. We haven’t even seen it yet,” Jerry Cuomo, IBM’s vice-president of blockchain technologies recently told the FT.

“There is an entirely new way for businesses to interact — it is awesome and as this takes root it will be revolutionary.”

Blockchain jobs are on the up, and this is just the beginning.